Eye contour cream

A specific eye contour treatment whose anti-wrinkle and firming action is guaranteed by the presence of proteinic derivatives extracted from soy and hibiscus. Edelweiss stem cells repair and regenerate the skin in the periocular area (which is especially thin and subject to continuous stress). The formulation is completed and enriched by concentrated extracts of arnica and bilberry which, possessing draining and capillary-protecting properties ensure an effective decrease in bags and rings.

EDELWEISS: contains potent antioxidants like leontopodic acid and other anti-inflammatory substances. It is cytoprotective along with being an antioxidant, anti-hyaluronidase and anti-collagenase. Reduces the depth of wrinkles by 15% after 20 days of treatment. In particular, it:

1-reduces wrinkles around the eye contour area
2) restructures, tones and reconditions skin tissue
3-prevents aging: HIBISCUS contains a complex of oligopeptides which through an antioxidant action works to reduce muscular contraction and expression wrinkles.