The Plan

Floèm has set out to ensure high qualitative standards and thus an intrinsic value for all the individual materials used to make the product according to a company dimensionality which is more approximate to a craft business rather than an industrial one.

Production is still entirely hand crafted in accordance with traditional methods which require precise care, well thought-out time frames as well as absolute and continuous attention. Floèm dermo-cosmetic products don’t follow the pattern of already overused traditions and position themselves outside that so to speak “ordinary” track which presently characterizes conventional cosmetic products. The intrinsic “diversity” increasingly fascinates a loyal, sophisticated and demanding clientele on an International level as well.

Creams which are able to delineate a sort of separate, boundless universe; fragrances which are capable of recalling or creating sensations, places, images or even guide you to a place of new emotional dimensions. The unique pleasantness of Floèm’s fragrances should in fact be emphasized, as they distinguish themselves from traditional dermo-cosmetics within this aspect as well.

The intent of choosing just a few resellers for the National territory was born out of the need to guarantee those same resellers the fullest support along with the desire to meticulously control every facet of the production chain.

There are a variety of advantages to this type of set up:

  • diverse cosmetic lines for the dealer
  • high intrinsic value of Floèm products
  • excellent profit margins for dealers. Increased ROI (return on investment)
  • high level of repeat purchases by the end user due to the outstanding quality-price ratio
  • few dealers within the National territory. Guarantee of exclusivity.
  • contact with and the direct support of Doctor Alessandrini